Week 25 Masterkey Blog

Week 25 Masterkey Blog

Last but not least! I am surprised to see we are at the end of the program. At first I felt

overwhelmed and was feeling tested a lot. About mid-way through, I felt like I was catching

my breath and pretty confident it was doable. Now, it is hard to believe we are really at the

end of the run. It feels very, very good and I am feeling truly enriched. And, after putting

in writing the DMP, which was a huge challenge for me to put in writing and truly breathe it in

and out, I have seen a lot of it put into action and there is no doubt that it is happening and

going to happen.

Truly amazing and life changing and I don’t feel like a totally different person, but I do feel

like the person I have always intended to become.

I must admit if someone were to ask me details about this class it would be hard to explain

other than saying it is a marketing program, and one that enhances your selling skills.

Now, don’t get me wrong, obviously it is so much more, but how would you explain it?

I want to take this moment to say, thank you, thank you, thank you, for the skills, the tools,

for the time you put into this program to learn it and then teach it! Bravo, you have done a

fantastic thing here and I know you know it!

In full appreciation to giving more, getting more and letting peace be the journey!