Week 23 Masterkey Mastermind blog

Week 23 Masterkey Mastermind blog

Hello! Persistence is my virtue for the week. And so I embrace it, embrace it, embrace it!

I wanted to share my experience of doing four hours of silence for me, this past Saturday.

Again, I did embrace it. In the process I found at times my mind would go extremely deep,

even when I did not realize it, if that makes sense. Having participated with Eckart Tolle, it

felt a lot like the process he takes you through, with sitting silently and quietly…and with his

voice you almost feel as though you go into a trance. So, I stayed with the process of being

silent and staying away from any communication with others, and when I didn’t feel

extremely deep in my mind, I felt as though my mind was racing with ideas and thoughts,

because it was free of the distractions from daily routines and life-type thinking.

Another interesting sensation I had was that time went by extremely fast. At the conclusion

of my designated time of silence the overwhelming message I was left with was, Lead with

your heart.

So, the aftermath of the whole process felt rejuvenating and inspiring, because the

resounding message I had to carry with me was, Lead with your heart, and that is a passion

of mine!

So, I want to thank you for sharing the idea, technique and teachings of this whole process,

because I continue to feel enRICHED!

To the team!