Week 21 Masterkey Blog

Week 21 Masterkey Blog

Decisiveness! That is the question. Just sharing here, decisiveness is a little tricky when you

are focusing on it in its entirety. And, I do believe I have benefited from the exercise of

concentrating on the specific word, decisiveness. It has caused me to be more clear and

aware of where I need to have some growth. I am thankful for the understanding and

awareness of my ability to be decisive. On the inside, that is, inside of my body, it feels

more powerful, it alleviates stress, my time is saved and more gets done when I am decisive.

Now that I think of it, my husband has become frustrated a time or two when he has

experienced what he calls me being indecisive. I’ll bet he would thank the Master Key

course just for that. It truly feels better for me, and so it must feel better on the receiving

end too.

Incorporating each week and its words, as we have, to me, feels like another miracle. I have

always been a believer in miracles and probably always will. In looking back at the whole

process of being asked to do a DMP, and my not truly understanding what a DMP was, and

realizing everyone else understood completely, was a miracle to have been able to actually

write one. In connecting all of the dots and doing each step, just as you have explained, truly

is amazing, and along comes my DMP, coming into fruition step by step. Yes, another miracle.

At this point, I just want to say one big sincere Thank You for putting the program together,

sharing it as generously as you do, and putting all that you have into it.

Living life and loving it!