Week 20 Masterkey Blog

Week 20 Masterkey Blog

Self control. Yes, that is my virtue this week. I have to say I enjoy working on these

deliberate words and keeping them in mind. As it turns out, it feels as though they

are arranged perfectly for my life as we are focusing on each particular one.

To recap, after the trade show I attended as an exhibitor with my team for the first time last

week, we are having some good energy in connecting and following up with our prospective

new customers. Staying with the plan of understanding that my plan is to spend 80 percent

of my time in developing and making contact with prospective new customers and continuing

to follow up is very powerful for me and maintaining my self control.

So, I am staying with the reading, the exercise, the mental diet, the focus of my virtue and

the plan and it continues to amaze me that I am able to do all of these things and manage my

life events fairly easily. Good habits paying off.

Staying with it. Self control with much success.


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