Week 19 Masterkey Blog

Week 19 Masterkey Blog

Well organized. Well organized is my virtue for this week. I have returned from

our trade show in Las Vegas, all went very, very well. I was able to do a 5K the morning before

the trade show began and get my blood pumping. Di Di the cute little lady came bouncing up

and shared her enthusiasm for her first time being at the show and the fact that her new

business was launching that day too!

Since this was my first trade show to attend as the organizer of my company, we had a great

marketer that has plenty of experience coaching us on the dos and don’ts. Most visitors made

mention of our booth as being one of the best. Although the show was a bit intimate, it was

perfect for me. From shipping our product out on a freight forwarder and setting up our booth,

to linking up with the off-loader, everything was well organized. So, I would give our effort

of organization an A+.

Now, we follow up. Wish us well!!

See you soon.