Week 15 Masterkey Blog

Week 15 Masterkey Blog

I am unique…and I love it.

So I start with greeting the world and the day with love in my heart to succeed. And I do. I

add to my love my persistence to succeed and I do. Now, I am truly recognizing my

uniqueness and embracing its fullness, honoring it and allowing that awareness in to bring

me success. It is a huge relief to honor and work on allowing personal uniqueness. Relief

feels really, really good. Refreshingly good. Ahhhhh. Yup, I’m liking it. In keeping with the

simplicity of these skills, practicing good habits I continue to say, it is doable.

Not only is it doable, it is ushering in success and ease. My new position at work is being

truly assisted by these practices and helping me to have a knowing, courage, open-

mindedness and plenty of success each and every day, one step at a time. I am in

appreciation for bumping into this program and its technique in promoting personal purpose.

I have been trying to tap into what really, really was my personal purpose and talent for

several years now. It has been a natural habit of mine to be a self-creator, someone who just

went forward creating her own destiny from shear knowing of what felt most natural and

comfortable to my truth. So, in that way, I feel really lucky and fortunate for the natural

instinct and guts to do it without questioning where “that” was coming from.

In full appreciation for the skills, practices and love, persistence and honoring uniqueness.