I’m still here! Yes, the persistence thing is resonating! I realize that is how I got here in the first place. Incorporating all of these nice and new habits, right thinking, shapes and colors, repetition is all fitting in. In fact, on a personal note, we have a local hospital that I am not fond of and my father was scheduled to be there today. My feelings and thoughts just did not feel right about the whole set of circumstances.

I spoke with my father about my feelings, he was set on following through, he tends not to question the medical field and their decision making. As I have been a court reporter in this area for 34 years, and provided my services to med-mal attorneys, I became intimate with the inner workings of the system, doctors, practices and concerns. You can’t forget sometimes.

I decided to coach myself into understanding the universal energy would support my process of letting go of my concerns and going with the positivity of knowing it would be a good result.

However, the universe responded and got my father’s attention in the morning and he felt as though something was not right, the doctor decided dad should go to another local hospital to be checked. After checking in, dad felt better, results showed there is no need for the procedure that was to be taking place today and he is being managed nicely, soon to be released.

In amazement, I feel like my thoughts helped this whole event to play out as it did. Pleasantly pleased!!!!

Until next week…..